10 Advanced Essential SEO Techniques to Improve Your Google Rankings

Improving your search ranking takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you don’t keep up with the new trends in SEO. Yet, if you know the newest techniques, you can easily outperform your rivals in ranking. Here’s the list highlighting new SEO techniques and tendencies that the best Houston SEO Expert would recommend you, as well as remind you of the well-known basics that sometimes people forget about.

1.Make Sure Your Blog Posts are Long

It got already obvious that the quality of content is of paramount importance for search ranking. Still, recently it became clear that the quantity matters as well. If you check the posts that are in the top of search results, on average they will be about 1800-1900 words long. Finding the equilibrium between the quality of the content and its quality might not be an easy task to do. Still, remember that the more comprehensive the information you give in your blog posts is, the better ranking you get.

  1. Post Quality Content Regularly

Everyone knows that the best way to draw traffic to your website is posting quality content. However, if you only have a few blog articles written years ago, that might not work. The thing is that if you want to show Google that you’re actively working with your website, you need to post regularly. This makes your business look way more trustworthy and, thus, lets your site get a boost in its ranking.

  1. Find Best Relevant Keywords

Everyone knows about the importance of keywords for search ranking, as they make it easier for the audience to find the most relevant information. If you want to your content to match the requirements of the people that read you, dedicate your time to researching good keywords. Try to choose keywords and phrases that are descriptive and pretty specific. Using special SEO tools for keyphrases research can be a good idea. Another thing to remember is to include the keyword combinations in your content as organically as possible.

  1. Look for Keywords Ideas on Reddit

Reddit provides an invaluable source for keyword search. So it’s not surprising, that any reputable Houston SEO Company employs this technique. When planning an article on a topic, search subreddits on it and scan the information on the repeatedly used terms. If something appears again and again, it signals that Reddit users are talking about it. As a result, there are higher chances they will be looking for similar terms in Google.

  1. Don’t Abuse Keywords

The times when you could improve your search ranking by using the keywords in your content as densely as possible are over long ago. Now keyword stuffing is definitely not going to do any good to your SEO. On the contrary it can only harm the quality of your content.

  1. Make Friends with RankBrain

Now RankBrain is one of the most important ranking factors for Google. Combining search with Machine learning, RankBrain analyzes users’ interaction with their search results. What really matters to this algorithm is the time spent on the website, so make sure you work with your Click-Through-Rate and plan your marketing strategies according to user experience on your website.

  1. Update the Old Blog Posts

It’s better to update your existing content, rather than writing a fresh new article. Look through the older post you have to check if there’s already a relevant article on the topic you want to cover. If you wrote about, let’s say, best Houston SEO Services a year ago and there have been significant changes since then, you’ll need to update the post and add some information. Other way to work with the materials you already have is by making them more SEO-friendly and updating the headlines. You end up with more high-quality content in less time.

  1. Get Quality Backlinks

As the search algorithms change with times, the way the backlinks are analysed and considered has transformed a lot. It’s not about the number of links anymore, it’s all about the quality. To increase your site’s reliability, make sure that the backlinks you get are from high Domain Authority sites. Beware of spammy backlinks from websites with dubious credentials.

  1. Optimize For Mobile Devices

With more than a half of website traffic around the world generated via smartphones, you need to constantly update your website to appeal to mobile users. Mobile-friendly design ensures convenience irrespective of the screen size. As Google is aware the majority of its users access internet via mobile devices, it applies mobile-first indexing. Which means the mobile version of the page is used for indexing and ranking.

  1. Know Your Audience

This one will not be new to you, but it’s worth reminding.The aim of your content is to engage the audience and build a relationship with your reader. Knowing your target audience, as their preferences and interests should become a backbone of your SEO strategy. For example, Houston SEO and London SEO won’t target the same users. Failing to take it into account may result in lower site score. .Analyze their behavior, try to get feedback and act accordingly. Bottom line  Try implementing these tips and techniques in your SEO strategy to improve the performance of your website in organic search. However, they offer only a framework, you need to be innovative and creative to get on top.