Role of SEO in 2019

SEO basically, known as Search Engine Optimization but what it actually does in Google. Is it a part of Google? SEO is a technique of managing Google display. In simple words, whenever you search on Google, you will see results in an array with sequential but is it remains same all the time. No, it does not remain same because SEO technique helps those results to rank up in search queries. But now a new factor becomes part of this display. Rankbrain, a new machine learning system, which helps Google to preview search results or makes them more unique and accurate.

Now, a simple doubt strikes in our mind is that how it will do this? It’s same like analyzing or having its own mind which can notice, analyze and conclude results about the user search experience. Let’s move further with an example. You searched for something and Google shows you a list of results. But you find an article 4 more effective instead of 1st, 2nd and 3rd, so you start reading it and find useful. In meanwhile, Rankbrain noticed your experience with search results and after analyzing your experience, Rankbrain will boost 4th result to upward for more accurate search results. And, it’s inverse in case of clicking on 1st, 2nd and 3rd and move further in just few seconds. At this time, Rankbrain downgrade them because user is not satisfied with those search results.

Dwell time and SEO

Dwell time is all about that time, which is spent by users on your website. And dwell time is used as a ranking signal or it will not false if I say, it is also one of the ranking factor in SEO. It has recently been confirmed that dwell time for top 10 Google results in near about 3+ minutes. And, it will not any time of coincidence about page quality because on which page you spent more time its content probably matches your interest. The page which is in favors of rank brain and gets an average CTR, it moves higher up from normal and it becomes more chances of permanent ranking boost. There are few more factors which matters in SEO and 2019 will be a new era of SEO because technology becomes friendlier to users and results, user attractive results not SEO attractive. What if user uses voice search widely rather that manual ad in that case Google’s AI system will arrange search results according to, own way just same like a mind responding to another mind. You can share your views on link bright media reviews